About the Congress

About the Congress & Organizing Committee

Welcome Message

With great honour, I welcome you to Porto for the EUBS 2023 congress where I am sure we will have an exciting and inspiring time.

We have prepared a high-level scientific program including keynote lectures by invited expert speakers, selected oral communications, poster displays, and exciting social events where you can enjoy the friendly and beautiful city of Porto.

We strive to make this conference an unforgettable experience, where we can all meet old and make new friends, and establish new initiatives and collaborations in this ever-developing field of Hyperbaric and Diving Medicine.

We hope to see you all in Porto!


Oscar Camacho, MD

Óscar Camacho, MD

Secretary-General, Chairman of Local Organizing Committee, 47th Annual Scientific Meeting 2023

Director of Hyperbaric Medical Unit, Hospital Pedro Hispano, Matosinhos

Head of Anesthesiology Department, Hospital Pedro Hispano

Chairman of the Portuguese Hyperbaric and Diving Medicine College 

Jean-Eric Blatteau, MD, PhD

President of European Underwater and Baromedical Society
Director of the Department of Diving and Hyperbaric Medicine at the Sainte-Anne military hospital in Toulon, France

Our 47th Annual EUBS Scientific Meeting will be held September 13-16, 2023, in Porto, Portugal. This city was voted the best urban destination in Europe at the World Travel Awards 2022.

The EUBS hopes to welcome all of its members and many friends and scientists from around the world for this four-day conference.

The scientific program is very rich and interesting with the presentation of research work ranging from basic science to clinical trial without forgetting the experience and work of the different centers. The quality of care of critical patients in the hyperbaric environment will also be discussed, which is a very important subject.

I am sure that you will enjoy your stay in Porto, a modern and romantic city with a diversified and high-quality social program.

I look forward to seeing you soon.

Jean-Eric Blatteau


EUBS – European Underwater and Baromedical Society


Local Co-Organization

UAFA – União Associativa para a Formação em Anestesiologia 


ULS – Unidade Local de Saúde de Matosinhos


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Scientific Committee

Anne Raisanen-Sokolowski

Bengusu Mirasoglu

Costantino Balestra

Carla D`Espiney Amaro

Diogo Alpuim Costa

Jean-Eric Blatteau

Jacek Kot

Oscar Camacho

Paula Ferreira

Pedro Barata

Peter Germonpre

Vangelis Papoutsidakis

Organizing Committee

António Manjon

António Pedro Ferreira

Clara Gaio Lima

João Castedo

Óscar Camacho

Pedro Barata

Tiago Fernandes


Keynote1: “Past, present and future of Hyperbaric Medicine"

Prof. Jacek Kot, M.D., Ph.D. Head National Centre for Hyperbaric Medicine Medical University of Gdańsk


Keynote 2: “HBOT and oxygen as a key regulatory component in severe infections treatment”

Ole Hyldegaard, MD, Ph.D., DMSci Professor, Senior consultant Head of HBO Unit and Research Department of Anaesthesiology, Head-and-Orthopedic Centre Copenhagen University Hospital - Rigshospitalet, Denmark Dept of Clinical Medicine, University of Copenhagen, Denmark


Keynote 4: “Challenges in the Arctic Diving”

Anne Räisänen-Sokolowski, MD, PhD Head Physician at the HUS-Diagnostic Center, Pathology, at the Helsinki University Hospital, Helsinki, Finland. Researcher, The Defense Forces, Diving Medical Centre and Military Medicine, Helsinki


Keynote 5: “FertyOx – Hyperbaric Oxygen in poor ovarian responders”

Miguel Raimundo, MD Gynecology.- Obstetrics Specialist Reprodutive Medicine Specialist PhDs at University of Lisbon