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Pre-payment of your registration can be made by credit card or bank transfer. Onsite payments can be made by card or in cash.
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NAME: UAFA – União Associativa para a Formação em Anestesiologia

ADDRESS: Rua Dr. Eduardo Torres – Hospital Pedro Hispano S/N, Piso 0, Departamento De Anestesia,  4464-513 – Senhora da Hora

VAT NUMBER: 501 069 348

Cancellation Policy

Up to two months before the start date of the event, there will be a full refund for the services requested.

Up to one month before the start date of the event, there will be a refund of half the value of the services requested.

Cancellations received in the 30 days prior to the event do not apply for refund of the amount paid.

The cancellation request must be sent to Diventos by e-mail and the reimbursement (if applicable) will only take place after the event.

Any requests for reimbursement for the purpose of registration through sponsors will also be dealt with in accordance with the above.

How the Return is Processed

We ask you to send us an email requesting a refund and indicating your bank details, or whether you prefer the amount to be transferred to the payment method used for payment.

The refund period will be a maximum of 14 calendar days, counting from the date of receipt of the request by email.